Luxury Villas & Golf Packages

Why Golf in Belek?

Fabulous climate conditions:

Belek has about 300 sunny days a year! The annual temperature average as 19°C. The golf season is on for the whole 12 months. I would say, that August is quiet because it’s pretty hot in the day time. But still, you may enjoy early morning game or even night time golf.

Gorgeous nature and ecology:

Most of the Belek Golf Courses are located in the mature pine forest, a couple of them are linked to the river. Two seaside link-style golf courses. The pine forest is blended with eucalyptus trees, which makes the air of Belek fragrant and healing. The golf course area is home to squirrels, foxes, turtles, different types of birds (herons, owls, storks, woodpeckers, blackbirds, etc.), rivers are full of fish.

Amazing facilities:

Belek offers you 11 golf courses (16 golf courses) at international standards designed by world-famous golf architects. Because of its first-class facilities and golf course varieties, Belek is one of the best places for golf in the World. In 2008 Belek was awarded as The Best Golf Region of The Year by International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) for premium features such as the first illuminated golf course in Europe.


All the Belek Golf Courses are located within a short drive from one another, so every day you can explore new courses. The farthestgolf course is a 20-minute drive, and the rest does not take more than 10 minutes. Add to this the fact that the road from Antalya International Airport to Belek takes only 25 minutes, and you get just a dream resort picture. You don’t lose all day getting to your second home in Turkey.

Established golf community.

Yearly Belek Golf Courses hosts more than 600 thousand games. Just imagine, it’s about 16.500 thousand rounds of golf are played in a year! It is logical that golf enthusiasts purchase real estate in Belek in order to enjoy the game all year round. Moreover, with relatively low costs.

Over time, a solid community of golfers has developed in Belek and neighboring Kadriye. Some live here permanently, some come seasonally, but you will always meet like-minded people in places famous among golfers, such as the “19th Hole Bar” or “Pinocchio” Restaurant.