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The Journey

Romance of Turkey was established in 2001 by husband and wife team, Len and Carol Orford.

The company was based in England at Gatwick with offices and staff in Alanya in the Antalya region of Turkey. The influx of ex pat's buying properties in Turkey created an opportunity for Turkeys first British Estate Agent. Over the period of the next 10 years to 2011, Romance of Turkey, driven by Len, sold over 600 properties. Len and Carol moved to Turkey and bought a property in the area working together with local builders and agents.

At its peak, Romance of Turkey employed 11 staff in Turkey, whilst the British end was controlled by Carol's daughter, Susan. In 2011, due to a world wide property slump world wide, coupled with Len and Carol reaching retirement age, it was decided to wind down operations.

Len and Carol lived and commuted from 2011 to the present day, and continued to assist and sell the odd property through recommends. Len has a superior knowledge of all conveyancing aspects in Turkey, maintaining all his contacts.

During the past year Len has been involved on a private and personal basis in securing Villa rentals in the booming Belek region of Antalya. Phil, who is a proficient IT & marketing expert, was approached by Len to become partner and to jointly re-invent Romance of Turkey under a new Banner. This will

 promote, rent & sell Apartments and Villas in this up and coming booming area and offer unrivalled golf packages in one of the best places for golf in the world!

Together Len and Phil are establishing a large portfolio of fabulous properties to rent in this area. We are looking to expand the current total of 25 over time.

Luxury Villa Rentals, Sales & Golf Packages at Affordable Prices

Additional Information & FAQ's:


Belek is perfect for a family holiday and golf holidays, with an abundance of fabulous sights & local attractions:

Tours: We believe that our ultra-competitive “Romance of Turkey Daily Tours” brochure will be useful in terms of researching & pricing local tours, activities, and attractions. We will send it to you upon request via our Contacts page

Land of Legends is a must-see for all the family!
The Villa is within walking distance to “Land of Legends”, Turkey’s answer to Disneyworld! This magnificently-styled park is really huge.! It has more than 40 thrilling slides, a specially-designed kids play area, pools, a 5D theatre, shopping centre, and several restaurants, bistro, and lounges. It is a high water adventure with sun and fun mix perfectly with water. Feel the rush of waterslides and rides and have a fantastic time with your children!

Airport Transfers:

Antalya is the nearest airport. We can arrange luxury transfers for parties up to 10 people @£45 each way from Airport to Villa. 

The drive from the Airport is 25 minutes.

Car Hire:
Competitively-priced daily car hire can be arranged upon request.


Taxis are on hand immediately at a very low cost. 

Electricity & Water Costs:

Electricity & water costs between 5 and 8 pounds per day dependant on the use of Air Conditioners etc

Dining Out:
Everywhere is really cheap. We suggest searching Trip Advisor for Belek restaurants. 
There are many great restaurants in both Kadriye & Belek with prices considerably lower than in the UK. All restaurants will do a delivery service and all will do a free taxi service to and from. All you need to do is a ring and give them a time and they will pick you up.


For a small additional charge of approximately £40 per night plus your own ingredients, we can arrange a Chef for the whole of your break, or for special occasions.


General Shopping: There are 2 town shopping centres near our Villas: Kadriye, and Belek:

Belek is a very modern and clean town,  with many modern shops where prices tend to be 50% plus when measured against the prices in Kadriye. The Euro is the preferred currency & Market Day is Saturday.

Kadriye is just over a mile away and within walking distance. Kadriye is a typical Turkish Old Town. Market day is Tuesday and in Kadriye, all prices are in Turkish Lira.


There are 7 beaches in the Belek/Kadriye area including Belek Beach Park and Kadriye Beach which are recommended and shown on this website link:

They can be visited by calling one of the numerous taxis available at an approximate cost of £5 per journey. There are no Villas in Belek adjacent to the beaches as the Golf Courses take up the coast line with the Villa population adjacent to the Courses on the opposite side.


WIFI / 4G is stable & strong in all our portfolio of villas

Baby Products for Rent:
Schoggy Babyservice is a service delivery company based in Antalya, which rents out pushchairs, buggy's, travel systems, car seats, cots, baby chairs, Pampers, toilet seats etc and delivers them to your villa. Their mission is to make traveling less complicated, lighten suitcases, and to create greater holiday experiences. If you have any baby product requirements, take a look at their website:

Air-conditioning in every Villa? Yes