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Holes: 18 Par: 72
Handicap Men max. 28
Handicap Women max. 36
Location: Belek, Antalya

Official Opening: November 2008

Tees: White, Yellow, Blue, Red, Black
Fairways: Challenging and undulating with plenty of strategic options
Bunkers: 75 with heather covered edges
Lakes: Three lakesGrass: Bermuda grass

Spikes: No metal spikes allowed

Carya Golf Club in Antalya’s Belek Region is the first classic, heathland style golf course to be built on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.

Grown in an exensive nursery on site, Carya’s heather shapes define the course into a truly magnificent spectacle.

The 7,186 yards, par 72 course, is a demanding test of golfing strategy with free flowing holes that run between pine and eucalyptus trees and across a dramatic sand ridge.

By lighting the 18 holes, Carya Golf Club offers the opportunity of playing golf at night with the comfort of daylight. In this way, the guests can enjoy playing golf under the warm climate of Mediterranean Sea up until late at night.

Carya Golf Course was home for European Tour – Turkish Open Tournament in 2016-2018

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Belek offers you 16 golf courses with 11 at international standards designed by world-famous golf architects. Because of its first-class facilities and golf course varieties, Belek is one of the best places for golf in the World.

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Holes: 36 (2*18) Par: 72 & 69

Handicap limit is 36 on Regular basis, but the Club can announce a changing to 28 for crowded seasons

Location: Belek, Antalya

Official Opening: October 2007

Tees: White, Yellow, Blue, Red

Fairways: Parkland Links style

Bunkers: Natural bunker style, Fairway bunkers 71 pieces, Greenside bunkers 48 pieces, Waste bunkers 9 pieces, Total 128 bunkers pieces on both courses

Lakes: 19 artificial Lakes are crossing both courses

Grass: Bermuda Tifdwarf, Lollium Perenne and Poa Trivialis

Spikes: Soft Spiked Shoes are required

The famous golf course architects of PGA Design Consulting designed Sueno Golf Courses. Two different 18 hole championship courses were created: Sueno Pines is very long, but also heavily wooded and narrow. The Sueno Dunes touches very heart of links and nature enthusiastic.

Each of the courses at Sueno share the same qualities and have Parkland links design, are narrow and tree lined with some dense forests.

However, the Pines is the tougher out of the 2 and players should take care when playing.

As the name suggests, the Dunes course makes good use of the area’s sweeping sand dunes. Both water hazards and sandy areas play a large part in the course design, and players are forced to choose their preferred lie based on their own abilities. Whilst the course does thread its way through the region’s mature pine trees, the course is much more open than the neighbouring Sueno Pines.


Holes: 18 Par: 72
Handicap Men max. 28
Handicap Women max. 36
Location: Manavgat, Antalya

Official opening: November 2008

Tees: Black, Gold, Blue, Red, Green

Fairways: Challenging and undulating, with plenty of strategic options

Bunkers: Waste bunkers, Dye-style bunkers, plus the ‘beach’

Lakes: One lake, between holes seven and eight

Grass: Paspalum / SeaSpray

Spikes: Spikeless only

Opened in 2008, this golf course is certainly unique in a stunning location.

LykiaLinks Antalya is the only genuine links golf course in the Turkey.

Rates as one of the top 100 golf courses in Europe, LykiaLinks Antalya makes full use the natural landscape and texture of its stunning seaside location.

Located on 60 hectares of land and stretching for 6950 m along the sandy beach and blue waters of the Mediterranean, the 18-hole, par 72 professional course was expertly designed by award winning American golf architect, Perry O. Dye.

The course features Dye’s signature ‘risk and reward’ theme with the fun that a links course provides. The combination of different course challenges means that this links course is pleasantly difficult for high and low handicappers alike


Holes: 27 Par: 101
Handicap Men max. 28
Handicap Women max. 36
Location: Belek, Antalya

Official Opening: 18 November 1994

Tees: White, Yellow, Blue, Red

Fairways: Challenging but fair

Bunkers: 64

Lakes: Ten lakes

Grass: Hybrid Bermuda grass and over-seeding in winter, Tindwarf on the greens and overseeding with Poa Trivilias

Spikes: No metal spikes allowed

Since the opening of the National on 18 November 1994, the Club has become a popular tourist destination attracting golfers from all corners of the world and in no time it won the international recognition.

This is a truly magnificent course, which is routed thoughtfully across gently rolling terrain and through mature pine and eucalyptus trees.

The snow-capped Taurus Mountains provide a provocative backdrop especially as the course is bathed in hot sunshine for the vast majority of the year. The National tests all abilities of players.

The 18 hole Championship Course, designed by Ryder Cup Player David Feherty and Seniors Tour Player David Jones, has played host to the PGA European Turkish Seniors Open in 1996 and 1997.


Holes: 27
Par: 36, 36, 36
Handicap Men max. 28
Handicap Women max. 36
Location: Belek, Antalya

Official Opening: 01 September 1997

Tees: White, Yellow, Blue, Red

Fairways: Wide and open

Bunkers: total 72, Fairway Bunker 26, Green Bunker 46

Lakes: Nine lakes

Grass: Bermuda grass in summer, POA in winter

Spikes: No Metal spikes – only Soft spikes permitted

Titanic Golf Club presents a very special golf course with the magnificence of the Taurus Mountain and its location between a romantic stream and Mediterranean.

The paths of the golf course which directly lay through the coastline presents golf lovers an incredible view at each pit.

Course designed by the Architects of Hawtree Golf Course of the United Kingdom, established on the area of 110 Hectares.

The large and widespread area with elevated tees and Greens and pine trees. Each hole has its own playing and unforgettable natural landscape character.

Titanic is the first 27 holed golf course of Turkey.

The course is a challenge for every golfer with varying tees and 27 holes providing different combinations of 18 holes.


HHoles: 18 Par: 72
Handicap Men max. 28
Handicap Women max. 36
Location: Belek, Antalya

Official Opening: 1 September 2008

Surface: 104 ha, seaside & parkland forest
Tees: Four per hole
Floodlight: 10-18 hole
Greens: Average per green approximately 600 m2
Fairways: Challenging and undulating with plenty of strategic options
Bunkers: Approximately 7 ha including waste bunkers
Lakes: Eight lakes
Driving Range: Double ended 25 bays tee options and teaching facilities
Putting Green: 1010 m2

Spikes: Only soft spikes allowed

Montgomerie name is synonymous with quality and his unique understanding of the game of golf will ensure that this course is considered a masterpiece.

The very finest golf experience: “Turkey is an up and coming golf destination and to be given the opportunity to design a course in this developing market is a great honour. I hope that the work we have done will further enhance the Belek region as a top golfing destination. I hope that you enjoy your visit to Montgomerie Course”
Colin Montgomerie

Challenging and undulating, this 18-hole, of which the last 9 are floodlit, 72 Par golf course opened in 2008 has plenty of strategic options, with 8 lakes and 7 ha of bunkers that include waste-bunkers. The total distance is 6,486 meters.

Over the past years, Montgomerie Golf Club welcomed a number of national and international tournaments, gathering together the best golfers in the world, including unforgettable experience of hosting the Turkish Airlines Open in 2013, 2014 and 2015.


PGA Sultan
Holes: 18 Par: 71
Handicap Men max. 24
Handicap Women max. 28
Official Opening: September 2003
Tees: Black, Gold, White, Red
Fairways: Undulating and many water hazards
Bunkers: 122
Lakes: Seven lakes
Grass: Tifdwarf Bermuda
Spikes: Soft Spikes Only

The Pasha
Holes: 18 Par: 72
Handicap Men max. 28
Handicap Women max. 36
Official Opening: November 2002
Tees: White, Yellow, Red, Blue
Fairways: Wide Fairways
Bunkers: 57
Lakes: Six lakes
Grass: Tifdwarf Bermuda
Spikes: Soft Spikes Only

Both courses were designed by leading architects European Golf Design, together with design consultant and Senior Tour Professional David Jones. The courses provide a challenge for players ranging anywhere from the modest beginner to the games elite.

With stunning views, surroundings and top quality playing surfaces combined with all year long perfect weather. Antalya Golf Club is sure to deliver an unforgettable golfing experience.

The PGA Sultan course was opened in 2003. Its fairways are long, narrow and challenging, surrounded by woodland. Throughout this 71 Par, 18-hole golf course, there are 122 bunkers approximately 30m2 in diameter each and 7 lakes, with 4 tees to start from over a total distance of 6,477 meters.

The Pasha course was open in 2002. With its wide fairways surrounded by woodland, it is a great course to play on. Throughout this 72 Par, 18-hole golf course, there are 57 bunkers and 6 lakes, with 4 tees to start from over a total distance of 5,731 meters.


Holes: 27 Par: 72, 72, 72
Handicap Men max. 28
Handicap Women max. 36
Location: Belek, Antalya

Official opening: 1 November 2006

Area: 1.400.000 m2

Tees: Black, White, Yellow, Red

Fairways: Varied dog legs, strategic options

Lakes: Nine lakes

Bunkers: around 75

Grass: Greens and Fairways are Bermuda

Spikes: Soft Spikes Only

Driving Range: 80 bays

Cornelia Golf Club offers an exceptional blend of harmony and quality peculiar to the best golf clubs of the world.

With its championship golf course designed by one of world’s most famous golfer Sir Nick Faldo, Cornelia Golf Club offers golf enthusiasts a true test of challenge.

The course, which can be played in 3 different configurations of 18 known as the King, the Queen and the Prince, provides a variety of different challenges for golfers of all abilities who have come to play in the Belek area. The course is routed around pine forests, and the design makes use of the naturally sandy Belek terrain to produce tricky yet enjoyable hazards.

Golfers shall have a great time in Nick Faldo golf course where the most heavenly landscape of Turkey comes together with the Mediterranean breeze. Furthermore, they shall have the utmost delight out of golf and forest view at the Golf Club which is located on an area of 4800 m2


Holes: 45 (2*18, 9) Par: 72, 72, 35
Handicap Men max. 36
Handicap Women max. 40
Location: Belek, Antalya

New Course
Official Opening: November 2005

Fairways: 3 lined, challenging

Bunkers: total 63

Lakes: Seven lakes

Old Course
Official Opening: September 1997

Fairways: Narrow challenging and assertive

Bunkers: total 63

Lakes: Seven lakes

Verde Select Course
Official Opening: September 1997

Fairways: Narrow challenging and assertive

Bunkers: total 28

Lakes: Two lakes

Tees: White, Yellow, Blue, Red

Gloria Golf Courses: New, Old, Verde

Gloria’s ‘New’ Course opened in 2005 with water coming in to play on several holes and gentle undulating tree lined fairways, it is a truly natural challenge. In 2007, the course was the site for the

European Seniors Tour Classic, and in 2012 – The World Amateur Team Championship.

The Gloria Golf Club’s ‘Old’ Course was one of the first in Belek, opened in 1997.

‘Old’ Course, nestled among pine trees, offers a comfortable environment to perfect your game. The course is studded with natural foliage and enveloped in a cocoon of peace and privacy, allowing you to focus on your shots and the finer points of your game.

‘Verde’ Golf Course, one of the top nine-hole courses in all Europe, is located among natural pine trees and lakes. Both seasoned pros and amateurs are at home on the ‘Verde’ Course as it offers both challenging holes to test the game, as well as holes that are designed to help improve technique.

Play the best of the Gloria Courses with the Verde Select Course, combining the stunning Verde 9 hole course with the front 9 holes of the New or Old Championship Courses, to create a memorable golfing experience.

The Academy at Gloria is Turkey’s largest and has hosted training weeks of International teams from all over the world with its two tier driving bay, 5 grass tees , 5 putting greens, 3 bunker greens and 6 chipping areas it is World Class and the perfect place to improve your game

Kaya Pallazo

Holes: 18 Par: 71

Handicap Men max. 28

Handicap Women max. 36

Location: Belek, Antalya

Official opening: November 2007

Tees: White, Yellow, Blue, Red

Fairways: Challenging and undulating, with plenty of strategic options

Lakes: Nine lakes

Bridges: Four bridges

Grass: All grass for fairways and tees is Bermuda 419. Greens are planted with Bermuda “TIF DWARF”

Spikes: Soft Spikes Only

Kaya Palazzo Golf Club the address of golf enthusiast’s is located in Belek/ Antalya on 650.000 m2 pine forest and designed by the one of the most famous golf course designer David Jones offers its guest’s unique golf experience with its 18 holes golf course.

David Jones said:

“Kaya Golf Club was a very interesting project for me.

I often see golfers frustrated by monster courses of 6500 meters or more in length. At Kaya I had a compact site to work with and decided to aim for a shorter layout which would be enjoyable for all golfers, including those who do not hit the ball vast distances. I think I have achieved that.

Kaya is challenging and has quite a few dramatic holes where the player must choose between risk and reward. But we also have many shorter par threes and fours where the interest is provided by strategic bunkers and subtle green contours. A course for everyone, I would say”.

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